In the world of online search engine optimization, what is link building generally refers to activities aimed at enhancing the quantity and quality of incoming inbound links for a particular page or site with the aim of boosting that page’s search ranking. It is also known as inbound link building. The act of creating inbound links is done through various techniques including directory submission, social bookmarking, article marketing, and blog commenting.

Link Building Helps Indexing Pages

Link building is crucial for search engines to index your pages. If they are able to index your pages, you will get good search results which will consequently improve your business. As a result of this, it is advisable that you try to get backlinks from trustworthy sources.

Link building is a key ingredient in search engine optimization. A relevant site will help to improve your search rankings. Search rankings are determined by a number of factors including the relevancy of your keywords. Therefore, having a relevant site is an important step to obtain good rankings. It will also help to have high-quality links because such links are high-quality and will help to boost your ranking in the long run.

The process of linking is to build links with other sites that are related to yours so as to allow for them to be able to link to you as well. You can achieve this by building relationships with other businesses that are in the same or related industries. By doing this, you are able to build links with high-quality sites that will help to increase your rankings in the search results.

Why is Link Building Used?

This can be used for both SEO and marketing purposes. The more link backs you have, the higher your rankings will be and this is what is truly worth linking for. For example, a site that is ranked at number one for a specific keyword may need to have several thousand links in order to achieve this. However, a higher ranking will not mean anything if the page you are linking to does not have quality content.


A link building strategy is built around the search engines, with particular focus being placed on internal links from trusted sites. External links are important, but internal ones provide valuable information and should be equally valued. Building links within the body of your article, for example, can help to improve your ranking in the listings. In order to improve the rankings, the anchor text should be included that is relevant to the content on your page and should be in line with keywords used to construct your link back.